Bordighera Press is a non-profit publisher of Italian-American literature since 1989. We publish works spanning award-winning poetry and prose to groundbreaking scholarship and research.

Bordighera Press has an international presence as the foremost publisher of italianità in North America.

VIA: Voices In Italian Americana is seeking critical and creative works that reflect on two sides of identity: experience and tradition. Experience explores what it means to be between two cultures, two ways of life, two habits, two languages, two genders, two heritages, two selves. Tradition reflects on particular customs, cultural touchstones, and figures that have come from Italy and/or have grown out of traditionally Italian American neighborhoods.

Submissions are open to all individuals. VIA accepts fiction, essays, poetry, critical studies, creative nonfiction, visual work, and all that delves into these facets of identity.

Note: Manuscripts should be formatted according to The Chicago Manual of Style. Prose submissions are limited to 5000 words; poetry should not exceed five pages.

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We are seeking fiction, essays, critical studies, creative nonfiction, works in translation, graphic novels, sui generis, and beyond relating to Italy, Italian diasporas and migration, or are written by Italian Americans. [Please note: we only accept poetry manuscripts through our annual poetry contest.]

Please send to us:

  • an excerpt or the completed manuscript
  • a brief description of the project (200 words or less)
  • a brief bio including publishing history (75 words or less)
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